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If you are visiting this page it means you have enrolled in How to be a Confidently Beautiful Mom. Welcome to the beautiful mom community!

I created this page because moms who are enrolled in the course asked about the beautiful mom accessories I have mentioned and showcased in the course and guide. You do NOT need to invest in any of the listed items and can complete your course with things you have at home. You can do it with as little as pen and paper.

This list simply gives you an accessible reference to the perfect tools if you don’t know where to start or what to use. And if you like easy and want to get the most useful things to complete your beautiful mom guide or course, here are the links to the accessories I use and recommend.

This page contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you.

Recommended beautiful mom accessories

optional items to successfully complete your course or guide


You will be doing a lot of writing to complete your worksheets. It’s a lot more fun when you have beautiful pens to use

these gorgeous gel pens are super affordable and my absolute favorite

I bought these cute cat pens for my daughter, but loved them so much, I kept one for myself

when you like a basic ballpoint pen, these are perfect and long-lasting

keeping it all organized

Keep your worksheets together by filing them neatly in a file folder or ring binder. Here are some good options

I use these beautiful file folders all the time and love their tabs

there is no easier way to organize your papers than by using an accordion file folder like this durable one

when you want to use a fashion ring binder, at least choose one as pretty as this

a quoted ring binder is the perfect way to store your beautiful mom worksheets

graph ratings

You can complete your graph ratings using stickers, color pens or pencils. My favorite choice is the colored heart stickers as they fit perfectly into the heart graphs, but any of the other options also work great

these are the perfect sized colorful heart stickers

nothing wrong with a bit of bling, try these glitter heart stickers

bead stickers, I used these simply because I had some lying around and they work perfectly. You can do the same, use whatever you have at hand.

felt tips pins are something I always have, I bought these ones recently are they are great and worth every cent if you also do journaling

I also use these felt tip pens and love their colors and dual tips as they are perfect for writing and coloring

I will never again buy any other coloring pencils than these swiss color ones, I have one set for myself and one for the kids

Remember you can rate yourself and simply write a number on your graphs. Using the mentioned accessories above is just another option.


You need to print the workbook or worksheets in order to complete them. You can use your home printer or visit a print shop with the pdf download included in your course or guide.

Even though the workbook is designed in color, you can print it in black to save ink.

Please don’t go and buy a printer just to complete your course, but if you happen to need one, I use and love this little HP office jet as it’s quick, easy and very cost-effective.

Standard white printing paper is perfect, I also grab mine 4 reams at a time to pay a bit less.

And that’s it. Just a quick list of accessory options to get you started. Get as little or a much as you need but more importantly get started and complete your workbook to enjoy being a confidently beautiful mom!

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