Do you want to be a power parent raising happy kids? Of course, you do. And, it’s as easy as discovering positive parenting habits we can all use to be a more intentional, power parent. 

power parent

How to be a power parent in a nutshell

Let’s have a quick look at exactly what we will discuss in this positive parenting post

How to be a power parent

  1. Power share

    allow kids to make decisions and power share

  2. Offer support

    coach kids, rather than taking over tasks

  3. Welcome effort

    and not perfection …

  4. Effectively communicate

    practice and teach kids good communication skills

  5. Root family traditions

    and build a solid family foundation

When we want to be a power parent

we need to practice power parenting skills. And, the best way to do just that, is to

  • make the decision to be an awesome parent and then
  • take the right actionable steps to get there

We all want to be better parents in order to give our kids all they need without the fear of burn out. This is all possible when using great parenting advice to achieve this easily.

That is exactly what you will find in this post today

Easy, actionable steps to be a power parent, raising brilliant kids with positive parenting tips.

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power parents and kids

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Let’s discover those 5 epic parenting tips that can help you be a positive parent

5 Powerful Steps to being a Power Parent

To simplify the steps to becoming a better parent, you can use the POWER acronym


By implementing the steps within the POWER parent strategy, you will be able to

When we understand and practice these power parent strategies, the added benefit is relieving a lot of our everyday parenting stresses and challenges. And, ultimately, allowing ourselves and our kids to be happy and healthy.

Time to delve into the detail of those 5 power parent steps that will transform your parenting skills

How to be a Power Parent Step 1

power share as a parent

The definition of sharing

Whereas, the definition of power

Therefore, the definition of parenting power share can be defined

  • as the marked ability to partake in daily activities
  • with a decisive contribution from both parents and children.

the benefit of power-sharing

In our day-to-day lives, sharing power with our kids will results in them actively partaking in family happenings and decisions. By allowing kids to make their own decisions from a young age on, they learn

  • to be decisive and
  • grow confident in their choices

In addition to learning these important skills, they also discover that along with actions come responsibilities. Therefore, by allowing power-sharing, parents support their kids in acquiring the ability to be accountable for their actions.

for example

providing the opportunity to your kids to decide what they want to wear, teach independence. And bad decisions result in similar consequences, for example, refusing to wear rain boots on a rainy day, results in icky, wet feet. And, they simply have to deal with the consequence.

Just beware of intervening, the discomfort is very effective in convincing the kids to make a better decision on the next rainy day. Way more so than you yelling at them to not go out without wearing their rain boots …

However, when you have an extra pair of dry socks or rain boots at hand to save the day, they will not learn this important lesson … In other words, Teaching kids by means of consequence experience is a very valuable power parenting method.

Thus, start today to power share with your kids, and watch them grow into

  • responsible teenagers
  • who understand their actions always have consequences

And it gets even better, the knowledge that good choices lead to good results, often makes hard decision making a little easier.

How to be a Power Parent Step 2

Offer support become a power parent today with these 5 simple strategies. #powerparent #parentingtips

As parents, a lot of us are guilty of taking over an action rather than coaching our kids to do it themselves. Why do we do this? Because it saves us time and effort.

For example, we rather hang up a used towel than try to get our child back in the bathroom and show him AGAIN how to do it. Do you also do that?

Unfortunately, although time effective, this is the wrong way to go about getting things done at home if you want to be a power parent.

The next time he will surely leave the towel on the floor again … Knowing that you will be picking it up behind him. But how do I handle the situation then? Start by, leaving the towel on the floor! Yes, this will be the beginning of a way more effective strategy than hanging it up yourself. Because, finding a wet towel on the floor to use the next day, will definitely make him think twice about hanging it up. But, chances are he might leave it on the floor again soon…

So, what is the final action?

Easy! Be a Power Parent and Offer Support. And one more thought, never be a helicopter parent

become a power parent today with these 5 simple strategies. #powerparent #parentingtips #bestparenting

Offer support by not only asking your child to hang the towel up but also showing him how, again and again … and remember to discuss the reasons for doing so.

And then, walk away trusting them to get it done without you hovering over them!

Remember our power share result above, it also holds true for offering support, Understanding the reasons for a simple request as well as the consequences if not adhered to, will assist your child in making smarter decisions.

And, allowing them to complete a task without you waiting around to make sure it gets done, instills trust. Without trust, any parent-child relationship will automatically be more difficult …

So always recognize that resisting the urge to complete tasks for your kids, in order to save your own sanity, does not teach them much needed life skills … Rather take the extra time to discuss the needed actions and get them involved. And then, trust them to do it!

The difference that this strategy made in our lives

My husband is so good at offering support. Watching him coach the kids to learn new skills made me realize the true value of this small effort. But like most moms, getting things done quicker used to be so much easier for me … until I saw my kids displaying new skills, skills they did not learn from me, but from my husband’s patient support offering.

Make these parenting skills a priority and keep an eye out to find opportunities to offer support to your kids rather than taking over their tasks. Thereby, allowing them to learn from their own mistakes and thus thrive as assertive kids.

How to be a Power Parent Step 3

Welcome effort, become a power parent today with these 5 simple strategies. #powerparent #parentingtips

This parenting step is about realizing the value of welcoming effort:

  • lies not within the perfection of performance
  • but in the effort itself.

Kids are great at doing small jobs around the house. And, you should teach them from young to help and make sure they know how much this means to you. Then they will quickly learn that by doing a 5-minute job around the house

  • they make you happy
  • and also gain an extra 5 minutes of your attention.

And, you need to appreciate their willingness to help is way more valuable than the perfect ability to do things without the enthusiasm to volunteer contribution.

Let’s make this clear with another example

The action of welcoming effort rather than performance originates from creative freedom. Always allow your child the autonomy to express their own thoughts and feelings. Let’s say you are doing crafts together, never do a project with a first prize result in mind. And, refrain from subduing creative minds by enforcing reality.

Therefore, allow kids to express themselves, enjoy and discover the power of their own imagination.

Food for thought

Is their way of folding their clothes really that ineffective simply because it is different from your way …

How to be a Power Parent Step 4

Good parent-child communication can be challenging at times, but it is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Benefits of effective communication are the

  • positive impact on our family life in terms of harmony and avoiding misunderstandings
  • the clear benefit for any social interaction our children will have,
  • be it with friends or the teacher at the school

And on the other hand

Consequences of poor communication skills include the

  • inability to stand your ground in terms of communicating needs and opinions
  • not being able to thrive in our communication driven world, a world filled with public speaking, social media, and complex relationships

Thus, by acquiring effective communication skills from us, our children grow confident in speaking about their ideas, opinions and feelings, no matter the situation.

And in addition, they learn to appreciate the importance of listening when others are speaking and respect different views and opinions.

Need some help communicating effectively with your child? Discover the six building blocks to stress-free parent-child communication and read Between Parent and Child.

Incorporate these strategies into your family life today and let conversation time be something you and your children enjoy and look forward to.

parenting worksheets

How to be a Power Parent Step 5

Root family traditions, become a power parent today with these 5 simple strategies. #powerparent #parentingtips

An easy way to strengthen family bonds is to create missions together. The benefits of working together are

  • building a solid foundation to grow your relationship
  • and developing skills for better parent-child communication.

An easy family tradition strategy is to encourage your child to choose a project and schedule a fixed time to share and complete this mission. Make sure the time slot is blocked out in your calendar!

family tradition tip

Holidays are a great time to create family traditions. Here are some great holiday missions you can enjoy together

It will become a highlight that your kids look forward to and cherish. And, in all likelihood, they will continue with these traditions one day with their own families. So make sure to establish great traditions and leave a legacy to be proud of.

Parenting quote

How to be a Power Parent Summarized

The 5 simple steps to be a POWER parent:

  1. Power share
  2. Offer support
  3. Welcome effort
  4. Effectively communicate
  5. Root family traditions

Incorporate this simple strategy into your daily life and immediately feel more confident being a Power parent. And, the best part is, you will instantly notice a difference in your kids

  • being more confident
  • easier to communicate with
  • contemplating ways to be more helpful
  • trusting in your relationship
  • taking responsibility for their actions and
  • cherishing strong family bonds and traditions

As a parent, can you wish for anything more than this? I sure can’t … And keep in mind, the best way to discover workable parenting actions is by simply being a parent and learning from our struggles and mistakes. There is no better teacher than our day-to-day experience.

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A final power parent tip

to set you up for success is to use solid parenting tips and resources when you want to be a better parent. Here are some awesome ones, you can trust

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