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You are welcome to contact me to request more detail on how to do any of these craft projects. Sharing is caring:)

Handmade Dolls

Making these cute handmade dolls started off as a project with my 6 year old daughter. We sewed a body, filled it and used textile, ribbons, buttons and beads to dress the doll. Creating a hat for each was great fun. The head and boots we formed with polymer clay and after baking it in the oven, we painted detail with acrylic paints and sealed it.

We enjoyed creating them so much that we ended up with quite a few and gave them away as birthday presents to her friends – who loved them just as much as we do.  For more detail on the process as well as products that we used, contact me and I will gladly send you more information.

Textile Clay Dolls

Doll made with love

Polymer Clay Jewelry

Creating polymer clay jewelry started as I needed a gift to send to family members that live abroad. These jewelry pieces are small and light weight and therefore easy to ship.  I created each piece from polymer clay and painted it after baking in the oven.

Spoil me with handmade jewelry


Handmade Handbags

Who doesn’t need a new handbag? Designing a handbag that is perfect size and shape for your personal use is fun.  I simply cut the design that I wanted from paper, traced it onto left over textiles and sewed this trendy bag.  Decoration with applique flowers with the help of my Brother sewing and embroidery machine was great fun.


Handbag sew and embroider

Old T-shirts to Cute Skirt

We were sorting out winter clothes from the previous season and finding so many old t-shirts demanded thinking up a smart way to re-use them.  This cute little skirt was the result! The sparkly hearts were at the bottom of one of the t-shirts and I cut the pieces to make sure it ends up at the top of the skirt. My daughter loves it!

Spoil my daughter skirt

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