Raise a Brilliant Child and Teach Him How to be Smart

I want a brilliant child! And of course, you do too.

How to raise a brilliant child. Discover 8 top parenting tips and support your kids learning. #smartkids #kidseducation #kidslearning #parenting #parentingtipsYes, we all want a brilliant child and teach them how to be smart! Guiding our children to brilliance gives us that sense of parent accomplishment. It’s us giving them the best possible head start for a fulfilled life.

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What does it mean to be a brilliant child?

The dictionary defines brilliant as “having or showing unusual and impressive intelligence” and being outstanding and exceptional.

Is that not exactly what we want for our kids?

Being brilliant presents itself in different ways for each child, but irrespective, they all have the potential.  The level of brilliance and its scope will vary.

Most important is not the level, but the identification of the exact vocation of the brilliant capability.

Kids need to be exposed to various opportunities in order to discover a talent that they can pursue in life. They need to find their talent and learn how to be smart with it.

Some kids are brilliant musically, others in creative art. Some show excellent mathematical or intellectual minds, while others shine on sports grounds.

Identifying and building on that specific skill is what matters most. It needs to be developed fully with the appropriate support and stimulation for your brilliant child to thrive.

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Understand brain development and teach kids how to be smart

In order to boost brilliance, we first need to understand the mechanisms behind brain development. When you really take this topic serious I recommend you invest first in your own knowledge and understanding and then in developing your child’s brain.

To make this easy for you, here are some of my best recommendations

  1. Brain rules for baby
  2. Flourishing in the first five years
  3. The teenage brain

My Favorite, Favorite …
The whole brain child workbook

If you want to be really empowered with knowledge, worksheets and activities, THIS is a must-have!

8 Brilliant Child How to be Smart Actions

Time to share the 8 activities that in combination reveal the secret to help you raise a brilliant child who knows how to be smart.

Expose them repeatedly to these brain development activities, and watch them grow and come to be bright and vivacious children.

The joint effect of these activities will

  • armor them with essential life skills,
  • stimulate their brain development,
  • imagination,
  • intellect and
  • mental well-being.

This collective list therefor provides a sensible strategy to stimulate multifaceted brain development. Use it as the starting point to succeed as an awesome parent raising a brilliant child. Teach them how to be smart!

Do not underestimate the power of these simple actions …

1. Do arts and crafts

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Creativity, as well as fine motor skills, are enhanced by doing different creative projects.

The benefits are boosted when joining your child and guiding the paint techniques, color mixing, sculpting and scissor use.

Creativity, however, needs a free spirit which should not be dampened.

Allow your child the autonomy to express their own thoughts and feelings.

Never do crafts with a first prize result in mind and refrain from subduing their creative minds by enforcing reality.

With color use, for example:  if their minds at that time need to create a picture of you with purple hair, or one of themselves with a green hand – so be it. This is the way they learn to think for themselves and be smarter for it …

Allow them to express themselves, enjoy and discover the power of their own imagination.

Activities in this category include

  1. Coloring, Grab your Free Coloring pages now and  try these great coloring pencil set
  2. Paper crafts, make gift cards together
  3. Clay mixing, modeling, rolling and sculpting
  4. Painting with hands, stamps, rollers or brushes
  5. Easy sewing projects using a mini sewing machine and these great sewing school ideas for kids book
  6. Cutting and pasting exercises

There is a great benefit in sharing a project with your child, and you can read more on this topic in the 7 Strategies to be an Awesome Parent

2. Share a book

Brilliant child. this how-to secret for parents. #brilliantchild #cleverchild #smartkids #parenting #kidslearning www.healthyfamilyandme.comReading with your brilliant child has immense benefits. It expands your child’s vocabulary, stimulates resourcefulness, teaches him or her to listen and how to get smarter.

Reading nurtures their imagination and allows them to revel in a world that unfolds with each new book.

You can read more about these benefits here and achieve them by the examples below.

  1. Read a book together, not only at bedtime but also during the day and especially on weekends and help grow your brilliant child.
  2. Give them an opportunity to tell a story, and try using story cards or games to stimulate their imagination.
  3. Page through a book without reading it and let them tell you the story based on the pictures they see. This is a great way to spark their imagination and get a glimpse into their beautiful minds.

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3. How to be Smart with Music

Music joins body and soul. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #brilliantchild #parenting #kidslearning #cleverkids Music joins body and soul. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #brilliantchild #cleverkids #bestparentingtips #kidslearning #parenting






Music unites body and mind. It stimulates intellectual and emotional growth and enhances memory skills.

Music is a means of therapy to heal the mind and soul.

A neuroscience journal published an article proving significant developmental differences between children playing an instrument and those who don’t.

Mastering a musical instrument resulted in fast-tracked brain growth in areas of language, speech, reading and sound processing. Gift your brilliant children these benefits by exposing them to music. Find below examples of how to achieve this.

  1. Enjoy music together, having a funky portable CD player makes this activity even more fun!
  2. Expose your brilliant child to instrument lessons, like a beginner guitar, digital piano or keyboard, starter violin or fun fiddle violin. These are all great instruments to introduce the young one to the magic world of music.
  3. Use music therapy techniques 
  4. Listen together to all genres of music
  5. Teach them rhythm and let them dance
  6. Experience music at home through children games activities

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4. Get up and move

Shake your sillies out. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #brilliantchild #cleverkids #smartkids #childeducation #parenting #kidslearningPhysical activity has a load of bodily benefits. Some of the important ones are strengthening the heart, improving lung capacity and supporting the immune system to better fight off infection.

Of course, these benefits extend to both you and your child, so be sure to join in the fun.

Let us look at great examples and ways exercise improves our lives.

  1. Stretch the muscles by imitating animals. Be as tall as a giraffe, small as a mouse. Mimic a hippo or a crocodile or roar like a lion. These are actions kids adore! For more animal parade ideas, follow this link.
  2. Ride a bicycle, skateboard or adjustable roller skates.
  3. Love sport and be part of a team.
  4. Shake your sillies out – just get up and move. Few things will lighten the mood as much as this fun activity. Look at these fun dance activities for more inspiration.

5. Relax and breath

Relax and breath. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #parenting #kidslearning #brillliantchild #smartkidsMake time to just take it easy.

End the rush of day-to-day living for a moment and do something relaxing. This time-out period will benefit the entire family. Great options for this activity are:

  1. Do yoga with your brilliant child of any age. For easy poses on a cute kids yoga mat, look at this great yoga infographic and click for more yoga fun for kids and for great yoga and meditation ideas that really work.
  2. Teach them breathing techniques to assist in de-stressing and coping better in demanding situations. These techniques are very useful at bedtime to get those little minds to shut down more easily.
  3. Smell a flower. An interesting article was published on the relaxation abilities of sensory stimulants such as rose oil.

6. Get lots of fresh air

Play outside. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #brilliantchild #kidslearning #parentingAllow kids to play outside to improve their health, boost energy levels, establish good sleeping patterns and improve immune systems.

Get them to embrace the beauty of nature, appreciate the wonders of fauna and flora and clean their lungs. Outside activities can include:

  1. Play in the garden or on monkey bars
  2. Plant and care for flowers
  3. Visit a play park
  4. Ride bicycle outside
  5. Play ball, run, kick and jump
  6. Take pictures outside with an awesome kidizoom camera
  7. Do homework or a craft project outside
  8. Go for a walk in the  park or forest and do an activity
  9. Gather stones, leaves, and flowers and do a decoupage activity

7. Play freely

Play freely brilliant child. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #parenting #kidsfun #Brilliantchild #smartkids #kidslearning

Playing stimulates creativity, imagination, and healthy brain development. Allow children the opportunity to play alone. It teaches them independence and highlights the value of quiet time.

Coloring Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images from HealthyFamilyandMe.comDepending on their age, you can get your children started in an activity and then walk away as they get engrossed.

Resist the urge to coach them on how to do the job and allow them to learn from their own mistakes.  Let them alone or with a sibling enjoy an activity they love. A few examples include:


  1. Build a puzzle with your brilliant child. tips from HealthyFamilyandMe.comEnjoy drawing and coloring
  2. Any favorite brilliant child playtime activity
  3. Build a puzzle
  4. Read a book
  5. Play with building blocks
  6. Play dolls dress up or  have fun with cars

8. Share the love with your brilliant child

Brilliant child. Share the love. Secret to have a Brilliant Child #kidslearning #brilliantchild #parentingSit down and pick them up on your lap, regardless of age. Tell them how much you love them.

With this simple action, you will create a moment to feel loved, cherished and special.

Strong family bonds are built by sharing family traditions such as these.

They will quickly learn that they can curl up on your lap for a couple of minutes whenever they need to be comforted or feel safe.

This will create a situation where the kids know they can easily reach out and share their feelings with you.

Have fun together sharing a family movie night with yummy popcorn mix or doing some of the 101 fun family happiness and kindness hacks.

Let’s summarize

The top 8 powerful actions to help you raise brilliant kids include

  1. Do arts and crafts
  2. Share a book
  3. Be smart with music
  4. Get up and move
  5. Relax and breath
  6. Get lots of fresh air
  7. Share the love

Implement the above strategy as the first step on your path of stimulating brilliance. Love your kids unreservedly, allow them to blossom and be proud of who they are.

And if you need a little bit of guidance and motivation be sure to join the Awesome Parent Challenge today!

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