Being an awesome parent is exactly what most of us want. You? This, however, need not add stress to our parenting lives. It should rather serve as motivation for us to become stronger and more confident, And knowing we are doing our best, should always be enough! That is what intentional parenting is all about.

The good awesome parent news

It is possible and easier than you think to be an intentional parent. And, it is especially easy when you use simple yet powerful parenting tips like the ones, you will discover here today. We will discover 7 habits intentional parents share, and you can too!

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Why we want to be awesome parents

Your desire to be the best parent you can be, together with a little conscious effort to establish everyday traditions will

  • strengthen your family bond and
  • pave the way to a happy and healthy family

Let’s start this off with

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Awesome Parent Defined

So what exactly does it mean to be an awesome parent? And, who makes the verdict of being awesome or not? The scary answer is


You consciously or not, decide the scale of your parenting awesomeness!

No one judges us as harshly as we do ourselves. No one is going to condemn you for being a bad parent. But unfortunately neither will they often praise you for being an awesome one … You have to decide how awesome you want to be as a parent. And, then decide how you are going to succeed at it.

Want to know the best parenting advice ever

Do not set yourself up for failure with impossible expectations.

You need not be a superhero parent

only an awesome one doing the best you can!

Since resources define a good parent as one with good parenting skills. The simple answer is, gather as much information as possible to improve your parenting skills. And, that is exactly what you will find in this post, 7 Super simple strategies to help you build your parenting skills

Little things that can have a huge impact on your ability to be an awesome parent. Because no one wants to be a

So let’s rather focus on just being AWESOME! And remember that first tip, take action and join the awesome parent challenge. Time to dig into the awesomeness secrets

7 Habits Intentional Parents share

and we all can …

Do you want to be and awesome parent? This is how easy it is! 7 super simple strategies to be an awesome parent. Ready now to up your game!
Simple strategies to be an awesome parent.

1. Love yourself and each other

We need to say I Love You every day

  • to our kids
  • our partners and
  • ourselves

 A happy and healthy parent makes for joyful kids.

How to love yourself and each other better

We need to treasure our marriages and watch our children blossom. An easy way to do this is, scheduling monthly date nights. This can be as simple as enjoying a movie together with wine and popcorn when the kids are in bed. Date nights are magic for any marriage! Here are some more great date night suggestions for parents and as a family.

healthy family

2. Have buckets loads of fun

Having fun together forms strong family ties as you get to understand each other better. Learning how your kids think and what they like helps you identify where they need support and reassurance. You can achieve this by, having them choose a fun activity you can do together.

By doing a fun activity together you will discover each other’s interests and keep everyone excited to partake.

Fun activity inspiration

And, for those times when you have to just get things done

Strategies to be an awesome parent. Listen and learn from your children.

3. Listen and learn

It is important for us as parents to encourage kids to talk

  • about their activities
  • feelings
  • hopes
  • and fears

and equally important

  • sharing ours with them

Giving them our undivided attention, make them feel special and help us communicate effectively.

4. Enjoy meals together

Mealtime is an often overlooked time you can easily convert into quality family time. Appreciate breakfast and dinner time together and be seated at a table. If your busy schedules do not allow for this during the week, make sure that you manage to at least eat together as a family on the weekend.

Top family dinner tips

  • include all the great superfoods your family needs
  • establish a no electronic device zone at the table

Yes, that includes you, awesome parent! You can rather exchange stories about your day to share in their joys and learn about their difficulties. And, a great way to get everyone talking is by taking turns to discuss the best and worst experiences of the day.

Making these family meals a routine result in spontaneous sharing by your kids. Just imagine the improbable occurrence of a teenager comfortable in sharing their daily thoughts with you! Impressive …

Share lots of bear hugs with your children

5. Share lots of bear hugs

Never miss out on sharing a big fat bear hug every time you say hello and goodbye.

This makes children feel loved and safe, no matter their age. You might not be able to get this right with your super cool 12-year-old son in front of his friends, but definitely, push your luck at home.

Research shows a  pronounced benefit of physical contact with your child as a loving touch is key to healthy brain development. You can find more ways here to

Happy Healthy Family

6. Create a mission

We want to work with our kids because it

Creating a mission together is initiated best by encouraging your child to choose a project. And then, most importantly, scheduling a fixed time to share and complete this mission together. Make sure the time slot is blocked out in your calendar!

Mission details

Let the kids take ownership of a project even though you might have to provide options when they are younger. Share a task and teach them:

  • the value of teamwork and
  • encourage completion skills by proposing an appropriate award

Use awards as motivation, but never bribe the kids

Offer something that is in line with the project, for example when your daughter and you are making a memory book together, agree to get some

  • pretty stickers,
  • colorful pens
    • my daughter LOVE these!
  • washi tape to decorate the book when finished.

Great mission ideas

And the result: Unbelievably Smart Kids!

awesome parent and kids family

7. Stay calm … You are an awesome parent!

This hack is always easier said than done. Remaining composed is sometimes a challenge for the best of us. But the next time you listen, in horror, to your child shouting, imagine this possibility that he or she is simply imitating your behavior

Scary right?

Unfortunately, kids follow by example. When we are stressed and shout and overreact, our kids will inevitably do the same … Keep that in mind the next time you are about to yell at them.

The best reason for staying calm

The ability to stay calm instinctively teaches our kids, to handle conflict situations better both at school and at home. And, that is exactly what we want to teach them.

My favorite secret to calm parenting

Stay calm tips

Teach kids it’s their choice to be irritated by a stressful situation or an annoying sibling. And remember, you have to demonstrate this yourself with your own actions because our example always goes a long way in changing kids’ behavior.

They need to understand the benefits of remaining calm and walking away, rather than staying and fighting. This is an easy strategy to successfully improve your day to day family living at home. If you don’t have a successful calming strategy, check this out now, How to calm down your child anywhere and at any time.

And that concludes the 7 simple strategies to be an awesome parent.

Michael J Fox confirmed that family is not an important thing, but that it is everything! be an awesome parent made easy with these 7 super simple strategies.

Final awesome parent thoughts

Take action today. And start believing in yourself. Know you are already an awesome parent. And simply build on those skills.

Parenthood is undoubtedly challenging but it is also filled with loads of fun. Eliminate the pressure of trying to be perfect and refrain from comparing yourself to others.

Concluding awesome parent tips

Do you want to be and awesome parent? This is how easy it is! 7 super simple strategies to be an awesome parent. Ready now to up your game!

to realize our parenting awesomeness dreams

  • embrace being awesome
  • establish great family traditions and
  • enjoy your amazing children
In other words

The one thing we need to remember as awesome parents are to do the best we can with what we have in any given situation. That is it!

And when you need a bit more awesomeness

Leave a comment

and let me know your thoughts on this.

  • Do you use different hacks to stay calm?
  • How do you create quality time with your kids?

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