Be an Awesome Parent. 7 Super Simple Strategies.

I want to be a Super Awesome Parent!

We all want to be an awesome parent. And it is possible and easier than you think.

Happy parents have happy children

I want to be an awesome parent! Happy Parent Happy Child #awesomeparent

Your desire to be the best parent you can be, together with a little conscious effort to establish everyday traditions, can strengthen your family bond and pave the way to a happy and healthy family.

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In this post, I will share those very simple, very easy things that are important to remember as a parent. Little things that can have a huge impact on our parenting skills.

To be an awesome parent, we can include these 7 super simple, super effective strategies into our family lives. Despite all the parenting challenges we all face on a daily basis, we can do this!

1. Love Yourself and Each Other 7 super Simple strategies to be an awesome parent.

We need to say I Love You every day – to our kids, our partners and ourselves.

 A happy and healthy parent make for joyful kids.

Get some inspiration here to be an awesome mom without the fear of burn out from trying to be a super-mom. 

We need to treasure our marriages and watch our children blossom.  An easy way to do this is by scheduling monthly date nights. This can be as simple as enjoying a movie together with wine and popcorn when the kids are in bed.

Date nights are magic for any marriage! For some great date night suggestions have a look here for parents and as a family.

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2. Have Bucket Loads of Fun, Awesome Parent

Having fun together forms strong family ties as you get to understand each other better. Learning how your kids think and what they like helps you identify where they need support and reassurance.

Let them choose a fun activity that you can do together. This will help you discover each other’s interests and keep everyone excited to partake.

For fun activity inspiration, here is a list of family happiness and kindness hacks and family fun ideas.

And, for those times when you have to get things done, let them learn whilst having fun with the magic of coloring. Brilliant kids!

the Neuroscience of Happiness. Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacksYou can grab the Jumbo List with 50 Family Happiness Hacks now!

A Happy Family is a Healthy Family. Use this list to grab some great ideas on having fun together.

Strategies to be an awesome parent. Listen and learn from your children.3. Listen and Learn

It is important for us as parents to encourage kids to talk about their activities and also share ours as awesome parents.

Giving them our undivided attention make them feel special and help us communicate effectively.

If you need some great tips on stress-free parent-child communication, be sure to read this.

Being down on their eye level show them the conversation is important to you. Let them voice their own opinions and feelings and validate their thoughts by showing that you care to listen.

Read more on stress-free parent-child communication and tips on the basics of child communication.

4. Enjoy Meals Together 

Mealtime is an often overlooked time you can easily convert into quality family time.

Appreciate breakfast and dinner time together and be seated at a table. If your busy schedules do not allow for this during the week, make sure that you manage to at least eat together as a family on the weekend.

Remember while you are at the table to include all the great superfoods to boost your family’s performance!

Establish a no electronic device zone at the table – yes, that includes you, awesome parent! This is a PPower Parent strategy that results in raising Brilliant Kids.

Exchange stories about your day to share in their joys and learn about their difficulties. A great way to get everyone talking is to take turns discussing the best and worst experiences of the day.

Making this routine will result in spontaneous sharing by your kids. Just imagine the improbable occurrence of a teenager comfortable in sharing their daily thoughts with you!

5. Share Lots of Bear Hugs7 super simple strategies to be an awesome parent. Share lots of bear hugs with your children

Never miss out on sharing a big fat bear hug every time you say hello and goodbye. This makes children feel loved and safe, no matter their age.

You might not be able to get this right with your super cool 12-year-old son in front of his friends, but definitely, push your luck at home!

For evidence of the pronounced benefit of physical contact with your child, read this interesting article, loving touch is key to healthy brain development and find more ways to be an awesome mom raising smart kids.

6. Create a Mission

Working together with our kids, help us to take our relationships to the next level and develop skills for better parent-child communication.

Creating a mission together is initiated best by encouraging your child to choose a project. And then, very importantly, scheduling a fixed time to share and complete this mission together.

Make sure the time slot is blocked out in your calendar!

At a younger age you might have to provide options for a project, but let them take ownership.  By sharing this task you can teach them the value of teamwork and encourage completion skills by proposing an appropriate award.

Offer something that is in line with the project, for example, if your daughter and you are making a memory book together agree to buy pretty stickers, colorful pens or washi tape to decorate the book when finished.

Kids love coloring, card-making, reading fun or any rainy day activity. and, even more so when you do it with them. Share the fun. That is what being an awesome parent is all about! And the result: Unbelievably Smart Kids!

7. Stay Calm … You are an Awesome Parent!

It is always easier said than done to remain composed! But the next time you listen, in horror, to your child shout at you, imagine the possibility that he or she is simply imitating your behavior

When we shout and overreact when stressed, our kids will inevitably do the same.

The ability to stay calm instinctively teaches our kids to handle conflict situations better at school and at home.

We need to teach them that it’s their choice to be irritated by a stressful situation or an annoying sibling. And, by demonstrating this fact with our own actions as awesome parents.

Our example always goes a long way in changing kids behavior. They need to understand the benefits of remaining calm and walking away, rather than staying and fighting.

This will without question improve your day to day family living at home.

Give all 7 of these super simple strategies a try. Starting today.

And become an even more awesome parent.

Princess Diana said that Family is the most important thing in the world. So true... be an awesome parent made easy with these 7 super simple strategies. #awesomeparent

Parenthood is undoubtedly challenging, but it is also filled with loads of fun.

Eliminate the pressure of trying to be perfect and refrain from comparing yourself to others. Embrace being awesome, establish great family traditions and enjoy your amazing children.

The only thing we need to do as awesome parents are doing the best we can with what we have in any given situation.

Michael J Fox confirmed that family is not an important thing, but that it is everything! be an awesome parent made easy with these 7 super simple strategies. #awesomeparent

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Knowing the superfoods you need to boost your child’s performance, at times of high demand, makes you a Power Parent!

Do you have any great strategies that help you be an awesome parent?  Leave me a comment and tell me about it or share any successes or struggles you have as a parent. I love to hear from you!


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Do you want to be and awesome parent? This is how easy it is! 7 super simple strategies to be an awesome parent will help you remember those little parenting gems that has a huge impact. Grab you infographic copy today!

Do you want to be and awesome parent? This is how easy it is! 7 super simple strategies to be an awesome parent. Ready now to up your game! Do you want to be and awesome parent? This is how easy it is! 7 super simple strategies to be an awesome parent. Ready now to up your game!

How can I be an awesome Parent? It is this easy! An awesome parent made easy with these 7 super simple strategies.